Recently: October edition

Posted on Nov 24, 2013


Lots of people are interested in mapping the history of OSM edits in a particular place. You may have seen the “Year of Edits” videos, like this one. The folks at Kathmandu Living Labs are interested in visualizing their incredible work on OSM. So I began an experiment in R, and the video below is what came of it. Here is a detailed description of what I did; if you’d like to collaborate on pushing this project further, let me know!

I also worked on an interesting visualization putting together some open data of population in Haiti and health facilities. I’m hoping to do a proper blog post on this soon.

I also gave a brownbag presentation on R-markdown and make at my workplace. I frame the presentation as “Two tools for reproducible data science”, which is why I find them so valuable.

Reading / Viewing:

Why do Poor People ‘waste’ money on luxury goods?” is a powerful exploration of poverty and image. I recommend the reading!

Banksy was in New York! A few friends and I even managed to track down one of his pieces, and in true Banksy fashion, decided to add something to it :)


(Photo credit: @SandyLeeTV)