Reading I liked: innovation, user experiences, selling to the poor.

Posted on Jun 6, 2013

Impact Evaluation: Stop measuring outputs, start understanding experiences
“Is open government working? I asked the question in a previous post… The answers are not forthcoming.” And even when they are, they are measured in clicks, which just don’t make sense for something like Open Government. The indomitable Panthea Lee of Reboot, on why understanding experiences is crucial to evaluation.

Embracing the Paradoxes of Innovation

This article is all about the paradoxes of innovation, and how different organizations have tried to deal with them. This humble an article about innovation is always worth a read.

How Misinformed Ideas About Profit Are Holding Back The World’s Poor

“Is it taking advantage of poor people to try to make money from them? And do they even have any money to give?” On running a for-profit businesses for the poor, which seems worse than charity at its face to many. Once you understand that basic items are often more expensive, not less expensive for the (inaccessible) poor compared to the rest of the population, I think this begins making more sense.