In 2012, my friend Robert Ochshorn and I had an interesting idea, which turned into the Monsoon Collective. We invited artists, engineers, and tinkerers to build interventions in and for the city of Kathmandu. The month-long collective was inspired partly by an impatience I felt in Nepal. There weren’t enough spaces or ways to do things or be creative in Kathmandu, and I wanted to make one. So we started up a monthlong collective, a hybrid space/event for creativity. Throughout the month, the space/event hosted member-led projects, as well as public learning workshops covering diverse topics: cinemagraphs, map-making, and SMS and mobile development.

A brainstorming session in the early days of the collective.


The month-end Monsoon Exhibition featured 13 projects from the 11 members and various collaborators. The collective has inspired a more permanent makerspace to form in Kathmandu; opened its doors in Winter 2012.


Monsoon Collective Retrospective Blog Post