Jhilimili is a peacock-inspired holder for दियोs (Nepali oil lamps), which are used particularly in the celebration of तिहार (Diwali). I made it over ten weeks for ME203, Design and Manufacturing, which taught me how to tools for physically manufacturing objects.

I made it to highlight the beauty of the humble दियो, an object that is so easy to forget unless in use. This project is my way of celebrating the beauty and the warmth that the दियो creates. Additionally, it is a way to commemorate a beautiful year that my wife and I spent in Nepal last year. तिहार was a wonderful time there for us. The form is inspired by dancing peacocks we saw in Chitwan National Park.


The base is made out of sandcasted bronze. The arms are brass, and the holders made out of copper and blackened steel. Processes involved in making Jhilimili include: pattern-making, sandcasting, milling, turning, and finishing (sanding, hammering, flame-treating).

Many thanks to Miriam Wood (for inspiring the project), Lea Eaton (for tireless coaching and amazing foundry expertise), all of the TAs at the Stanford Product Realization Lab and my classmates in the Design Program