Formhub is open source software that allows non-technical users to manage mobile data collection efforts. It was developed by the Sustainable Engineering Lab (SEL) at Columbia University, where I was Systems Designer. I was the primary product manager for Formhub.

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 5.33.58 PM

The software was originally developed to meet internal project needs. However, recognizing that similar needs were widespread, we developed Formhub into a multi-user web application anyone could use. I used our field experience and user feedback to direct the vision of Formhub. I also helped architect the software and contributed key visualization features.


One of our biggest successes with Formhub was that we enabled local practitioners to design their own data collection efforts. We did this by designing the software for non-technical users (despite precedent otherwise).


Close to 4 million surveys (the first 1 million visualized above) were gathered using the Formhub platform before free support was discontinued by the Sustainable Engineering Lab. Formhub’s open source code base has continued to be used in other data collection platforms since. homepage