Mapping Poverty in Nepal

Posted on Jul 27, 2013

Chandan Sapkota, who my friend Bigyan calls the “Ezra Klein of Nepal”, produces amazing analysis about Nepal, taking data sources from the obscure reports of government institutions and writing them up in accessible blog posts. When he posted about “Poverty by District in Nepal”, I thought that I’d map the poverty data, since it is hard for me to place all the districts in Nepal, and I wanted to see what the spatial/visual spread of poverty was.

Here is an end result, for 2011 poverty incidence, where white denotes weighted mean poverty, redder indicates higher incidence of poverty, and bluer indicates lower incidence of poverty:

Bluer = lower poverty incidence; redder = higher; white = weighted mean of poverty incidence.

Poverty Incidence, 2011, Nepal. Source Data: CBS.

The plight of the far west and western mountains is clearly visible here, along with some other spatial groups of both low and high poverty incidence.

I have also reproduced the other metrics Chandan looks at, in a more detailed analysis page, which is part of a “NepalMaps” repository I started to make mapping of data about Nepal a bit easier. Its pretty basic at the moment (it contains shapefiles of the districts, and a function “npchoropleth” that makes it easy to make choropleth maps), which I hope to develop over time. Of course, the analysis is generated using Rmarkdown, and is fully reproducible if one clones the repository.
Go directly to the analysis page or see the embed below: