Join me, for a labor of love (and if you can't, help me advertise)

Posted on Jul 12, 2012

Dear blog-readers (yes, the three of you),
I would like your help in soliciting applicants for a labor of love, the Monsoon workshop.
I have spoken to at least one of you about the idea of the Monsoon collective, and in fact, your encouragement has contributed existentially to the collective’s first activity, the Monsoon workshop. The workshop is happening this summer, 4 days a week, in July, in Jawlakhel, Kathmandu. The idea is to create a space and place (in the metaphorical and the physical sense) where a peer-led group experiments with technology that touches society. Thats really the heart of it—a group of people using technology as medium (the paint) and society / Kathmandu as canvas—and we think it will be an amazing experience for anyone who joins along; I certainly can’t wait.

If any of you are in Kathmandu, I would love to have you join us. If you are not, however, please forward to friends that are creative, friends that are positive, friends that would be up an eager to *do*, artists, engineers, hackers, map-nerds, data-nerds, the non-nerds who find technology important in today’s life, and most of all, will be in Kathmandu in July (&c.). The application is short, sweet and online ( and the deadline is June 22nd, although the earlier someone applies, the more likely we’ll be able to take them in. Our ideal candidate is someone who can join with us on the whole journey, but someone who can join for bits and pieces will be welcomed as space can accomodate.

Thanks for your support! I would be ecstatic to see one of your faces in the workshop, and still quite excited to see one of your friends’ faces there.

Prabhas Pokharel