Innovations cafe...

Posted on Nov 25, 2010

Yesterday we had the first of our bi-weekly ‘Innovations Cafe’s. Before the lab space is ready, this is how project members are able to connect with each other, get some face 2 face time with the lab staff, and give updates about their projects. After the lab space is ready, more of this will happen in the space ambiently. But even with That, most like the idea of pre-scheduled hang out, chat, and feedback time at least two times a week.

Depending on how it goes, we are also thinking that this will be a good time to invite those wondering about what the Innovations Lab is to come and learn directly from the project participants.

I was impressed yesterday by how engaged everyone was, the feedback and conversations between projects, and that some people busted out their laptops immediately after the chats and stated working. I personally am looking forward to more of these, and more project work in the coming months!

(Apologize for not taking a better picture…)