I'm in Nepal!

Posted on Jul 25, 2013

Drinking tea in Kathmandu, 2010, Photo by Prabhas Pokharel, cc-by-sa.

Things have been so busy, that I have not been able to even post this simple message here, but I’m in Nepal! I’ll be here for a few more weeks, working with the UNICEF Innovations Unit and the UNICEF Nepal country office to scope out what the potential for an innovations program here might look like. I am initially focused on looking at what innovations in birth registration and reporting there could be here, but also looking at the larger country office. In the coming weeks, I hope to write a blog post or two on http://unicefstories.org/, particularly focusing on documenting the existing innovations that are already part of the UNICEF programme here.

Of course, it has also been a time to catch up with family, introduce M to Nepal, and partake of some of my favorite things in Kathmandu (momocha at Falcha, anyone?).

Super exciting, on top of all of this, is also an opportunity to work with Suresh, Amrit and others who are continuing the Yatayat work we started with the Monsoon Collective, Sakar who started Karkhana as a makerspace and pivoted to project-based education work, Young Innovations and their Open Data Nepal project, and so much more exciting that is happening in Kathmandu in the tech and social good space.

(Photo from my 2010 Nepal set).