Designing the Innovations Lab Space

Posted on Nov 18, 2010

We had great results with a crowdsourced logo for the Innovations Lab (see for that!).


So I thought I would at least put up the design of the Innovations Lab for feedback here. I asked for and got some great design ideas on my own facebook page a couple of weeks ago. Based on that, and recommendations of better-people-than-I at UNICEF, we have come up with a tentative plan for the new Innovations Lab space. We would love feedback, and of course, attached is a a Google Sketch Up file to mess around with if you please!


(Notes: It is only to rough scale. Colors are a bit random, and the long table’s top will probably not be glass. The chairs will certainly not be bright yellow either! The idea is that the long table space will be filled with computers. Two at each end (the table probably won’t be rectangular, but I couldn’t find a suitable non-recangular table in the Sketchup Galleries), and then a series of four to five desktop computers side by side on the right hand side. The other side will be empty, to be occupied by people doing desk work (Arduinos anyone?) or working on laptops. There will also be a couple of cabinets that we haven’t figured out where to put yet, and we are working hard to make sure the areas painted red in the pictures are covered with whiteboard paint (something like

Anyways, enjoy the pic, and give us feedback if you have some. (And soon too, we are gearing up quite rapidly).

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  1. Gent Tha├ži
    November 30, -0001

    The idea of IdeaPaint is amazing :)